Christine Carswell is the Office Manager at Becker and Poliakoff, a diverse commercial law firm with more than one hundred forty five attorneys and lobbyists practicing in thirteen offices throughout Florida, New York City, New Jersey, Washington, D.C. and Prague, Czech Republic. Becker and Poliakoff experienced significant Internet and voice outages after Superstorm Sandy hit NYC in October 2012. Christine said, “I was in panic mode and was at a loss as to how we were going to get our services restored quickly given the amount of damage that was done to the data centers in NYC. Our building manager recommended I speak with the team at Everest BBN as they had a great reputation for being able to provide interim Internet connectivity quickly during the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.”


Everest BBN provided Becker and Poliakoff a 10Mbps data connection and had their phone and Internet service back online within 24hours. “Every member of the Everest BBN team from the CEO to the Engineers were a pleasure to deal with. They went above and beyond to get our services up and running quickly. Everest BBN didn’t take advantage of our situation; they were more concerned with our business being functional than with placing us on a long-term contract. They took care of every detail, which reduced our stress and made us feel secure. I would have no hesitation in recommending Everest BBN,” said Christine. Once their primary carrier was restored, Becker and Poliakoff’s maintained their partnership with Everest BBN. They are now using an Everest BBN Internet connection as part of their redundancy plan.



Thane Terrill began his relationship with Everest BBN more than 20 years ago, when CEO Michael Panayiotis installed the first LAN infrastructure for Baha’i International Community’s United Nations office. A desktop publisher at the time, Thane worked closely with Everest BBN during the installation and setup of the new network.

“The Everest BBN team made sure that they explained what they were doing and how the network worked together. As a result, at the end of the installation, our office not only had a new network, but I had a new job as a network manager,” Thane said.

Over the years, the Baha’i offices have had two entire network renovations, multiple Internet service upgrades and their costly PBX-based phone system replaced by an affordable Everest BBN hosted PBX solution.

“After 9-11, our Verizon voice T-1 line went down. It was Everest that came to our rescue by providing us with new VoIP phones, to tie us over for the six months it took for the lines to be restored. They weren’t even our telephone provider at the time. Neither Verizon nor our PBX service provider even called to see how they could help us stay connected. We don’t forget who our friends were during times of need,” said Thane.

“Everest has partnered with us every step of the way. I never felt that we were just another account number to them. The techs I worked with treated me as a partner in the process, rather than being a work order they needed to have completed by the end of the day. It is great to know that if I ever need help, the person on the other end of the line recognizes my voice, and knows enough about our operations that they can provide a solution that suits our needs and objectives,” he said.

Everest BBN and Baha’i International Community have grown together. Each time Baha’i International Community needed to advance to the next level, whether it was an expanded network, a more cost effective communications channel or even a sophisticated firewall, Everest BBN was there as their partner every step of the way.

“That’s rare in the IT world and completely unique in our experience with dealing with IT providers,” Thane said.


College Art Association is a small/mid-size non-profit organization in our centennial year. We recently moved from NYC Chelsea area to the NYC Financial District this past summer and we were fortunate to find Everest Broadband.

Everest Broadband is a one stop solution center that provides CAA with voice (VOIP), data services, and (if needed) systems integration with full redundancy at very competitive prices. Just imagine – no more dealing with Verizon and other ISP with your monthly bills, troubleshooting phone, network, and internet issues!

Their service is very stable and blazing fast. Management and support staff were very resourceful and helpful in making our office move as simplistic and trouble free as possible. They offer full support for all their products and services which makes my life a lot easier.

Thank you Everest Broadband!

Wayne Lok
Systems Administrator @ College Art Association