IT Relocation – Relocating your business takes more than moving office furniture and equipment. It also requires moving the IT infrastructure that supports all your business functions. This involves disassembling and reassembling an intricate maze of computers, phones, faxes and software along with a multitude of power and data cabling. Our team of experienced professionals makes it easy by moving your entire IT infrastructure for you.

Servers & Workstations – We’ll carefully transport servers and workstations to your new office, set them up and make sure they are properly connected and working. We’ll also re-program the firewall as needed and update Internet DNS records.

Telephone & Internet – Upgrading or downsizing office space and need to adjust your telephone system? We’ll evaluate and advise you on the right number and types of phones to meet your needs. This includes moving phone numbers, IP addresses and ensuring that all e-mails are intact after the move.

We can also re-negotiate your current voice, data and Internet contracts for better rates or advise you on upgrading into a whole new system.

Security, Audio, & Video – We install complete security and surveillance systems. And we’ll equip your conference room and other key spaces with the sound and video systems to support your meetings—whether they’re contained within a room or connected globally.

  • TV and projector mounts
  • Smartboard and whiteboards
  • Paging & overhead music systems
  • HDMI and VGA video feeds
  • USB extenders
  • Infrared repeaters